Dimitris Papagiannakis is a lawyer admitted to practice in Athens, Greece, and a partner of the Firm.

He has amassed a substantial litigation experience, with a focus on civil and commercial law. His track record spans a wide array of industries, which include insurance, transport and tourism. He has been serving as a legal advisor and in some cases as a non-executive Board member of numerous domestic and foreign Clients including, among other:

  • domestic, foreign and multinational insurance companies in claims arising out of insurance policies (motor risks, third party liability risks, fire risks, industrial risks, health policies), in matters arising out of the SOLVENCY II framework, in their legal contractual obligations and affairs with insurance intermediates etc.,
  • a hotel enterprise that operates one of the biggest city hotels in Athens, Greece,
  • a foreign company, which, in a joint venture with a domestic company, executed public construction contracts,
  • international transportation companies,
  • numerous commercial companies.

Mr. Papagiannakis is a graduate of:

  • the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Law.

He is fluent in Greek (native), English and German.